In the forest

by | Jun 10, 2015 | bad luck, daily prompt

You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob

Last time I spotted a blue jay was sixteen years ago when I was living in the US. It was during a hiking with my friends. The day was promising. Good weather, a beautiful place. We had had a great breakfast at home, with a plate of scrambled eggs and pancakes with syrup before starting our outing. When we arrived to the forest in a natural park, we left our data in the mailbox that was at the start of the route we chose. We filled the sheet with our hiking plan and our names and ages in red ink, because that was my pen colour. I had never done that. Over here you go to the mountain and don’t fill forms. Nobody, except your family, knows you’re out there. I found it an excessive precaution, but I learned that day that it was a good idea.
It was an eventful day. We had had a good walk and had spotted many birds and animals. We had unloaded our backpacks to have a nice lunch in a beautiful spot. But in the afternoon, when we were in the middle of nowhere, one of my friends fell and broke her leg. We didn’t have a mobile phone and we had no strength to move her. Luckily another group of hikers was coming our way and they stopped to help us. They couldn’t do much, but they promised to go in search of a rescue team. The rescuers arrived preceded by a dog called Bob. A nice golden retriever. He found us first. The rescuers were calling my injured friend’s name “Janet!, Janet! We answered. Over here! The dog guided them. They came with a portable stretcher and all what they needed immobilize the broken leg. Once everything set, they took Janet out of the forest to the ambulance that was waiting in the road. My friend Kathy went with them. I stayed alone with the mission to go back to the place where we had left the car and drive to the hospital. Once left alone, I didn’t pay attention to the blue jays and other animals only an hour before were so interesting to me. I was worried. I don’t have good orientation sense so I was afraid to get lost in the forest. It was getting late. I had to hurry and follow carefully the path and the marks I passed so distractedly that morning. I prayed to my Guardian Angel. It worked. Before dusk I was in our car sound and safe.

A Dog Named Bob.


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