San Fermin

Yesterday I posted some pictures about the Fiesta of San Fermin, with people bathed in wine after the launch of the rocket that marks the beginning of the celebration. Today I will show another face of the Fiesta, the one properly dedicated to San Fermín, the patron saint of Pamplona, Spain.

Hundreds of thousands came this morning to my neighbourhood to see the procession of the image of the saint thru the streets and sing to him typical songs known as “jotas” in a great show of popular devotion. This time everybody was clean and most of the people were families with kids. with the procession goes out the so-called “comparsa” of giants and big-heads to entertain the kids. In one of the pictures you can see one of the giants dancing. A man inside the wooden structure of the giant performs the dance, which is pretty difficult.

What do you think?

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