Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

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Two tourists are walking down my street, looking at their map. They just have passed by one of the oldest houses in town: the tribunal of counts of the ancient kingdom of Navarre (XIII Century). Its situated a block from my home and is the oldest civil building still operating in town.  (The wall at the left of the picture belongs to it).  Here you have a view of its little patio:

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Following the street, the tourists will find the square of San Francis, where there are benches and a small park for kids with swings and other things to play. It’s too early, the hour of the siesta over here, but there are already some kids playing around, and a couple of ladies seated in a bench talking. A group of bicyclists passes in the opposite direction to the couple of tourists towards the City Hall square.

From my window, I can enjoy a view of the colourful houses on the opposite side of the square. There is almost no traffic, so I can hear the birds singing and a mix of voices of kids playing and adults talking.

This night we will have a lot of activity in our square. If the weather is good we will have an open air movie for all the neighbourhood. Later, the technicians will come to install the big screen in the Public School façade with the sound and video system, and everybody will gather to watch the movie programmed by the organization. Because we live in the first floor looking to the square, and because the volume of the sound is pretty high, it’s impossible to avoid the open air movie, even if you stay at home. So, tonight, I guess, I have no choice but to join my neighbours at the movies. I don’t care. At the end it’s fun.

Through the Window.

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