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by | Aug 18, 2015 | daily prompt

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We live in an old apartment with old windows very deteriorated. The wooden frames no longer fit together and in winter the cold air enters the house freely. Not healthy, and very dangerous for the elderly living with us. So we have been saving for a long time to replace them this summer with modern frames and get a good isolation.

The firm who installs the windows said they would come last Friday to start the work. So we got ready. We covered the furniture with old sheets and plastic, and sealed the cupboards and closets, because they explained us that the work would produce a lot of dust. Only they never showed up. They called saying that they lack a permit from the city to use a crane to lift the frames up to our balcony and that they would come on Monday. So we unpacked the couch, the TV, the beds and unsealed the closets to live more or less normally during the weekend, and cover everything again Sunday evening.

Monday morning arrived, and we waited, and called, and waited and made more calls, and waited…, and at the evening a woman came to say they didn’t get the official paper, so we would have to wait till next day. We were already a pretty annoyed, so we asked her seriously what was exactly the situation with that permit, and she recognised she didn’t know when it will be ready.

So here we are, with everything covered with plastics, living like in a tent, with everything out of place, waiting for our windows, not knowing when the work will begin and finish. Maybe next Friday, maybe next week. And they told us it was a two days job!



  1. Scott

    A nightmare. In a previous post there was a tall, blue building with what looked like twin apartments on each floor. Is that where you live? I’m sure I enjoyed reading about your experience more than you did living it. Customer UNsatisfaction seemed to have spread the world over.

    • Olga Brajnović

      You’re right. I would like to live in the blue building. That picture was taken from one of my old windows. What a good memory you have!

      • Scott

        Gotta get lucky once in awhile.


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