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Tich used to go out of his nest every day to explore the world and get some food for hungry family. He worked hard to find worms here and there and fly back home on the lush tree next to the river. Three chicks with their peaks open were waiting for him. Always asking for more. Always the same routine. Go out, hunt, find worms and come back as soon as possible. And he was always dreaming on flying far away and sing like a canary. But he was a common wild bird, with a lot of responsibilities. A wife and three chicks! He couldn’t wait for the moment the chicks would learn how to fly.

Meanwhile, Tich was leaving the nest every day to do his duties, not after performing stunts for the delight of his children while singing, with his cracked voice, wonderful melodies he had learnt when he had approached the city, where the canaries lived. The chicks chirped amazed. Daddy, Daddy, do it again! And then, Tich would make for them an elegant loop or a frightening free drop. The kids were proud of their father. His wife was a little ashamed because there was a lot of buzz around about him and begged him to stop being so strange and behave like an average bird.

All the other birds of the tree thought Tich was mad. All that strange singing, his dangerous flights… They thought he was making a fool of himself and that he was setting a bad example for the youngsters.
But Tich enjoyed his way of life, and he began to go farther and farther looking for food. One day he arrived to the big park in the city. There were a lot of worms because the gardeners had changed all the flower beds for the summer and the soil was fresh and moist. There was an open space with a big statue in the middle. An ideal place to practice his flight stunts.

That day he found a lot of humans seated around the monument. Some of them had strange wooden and metal objects in their hands. And then he heard it. Symphonic music. He didn’t know, but the monument represented a famous tenor from the XIX century. It was his anniversary and his fans celebrated it with a little open air concert. Some musicians and singers were performing fragments of the opera “The Pearl Fishers” by Georges Bizet.  Tich flew to the top of the statue and listened mesmerised by the new sounds, eager to learn the new melodies.  A man was singing in french:

I think I still hear,
hidden under palm trees,
her voice soft and sound
like a song of wood pigeons…

Tich couldn’t understand the words, but he felt beauty and love. He didn’t know the humans envied the bird’s voices. He certainly liked that human music. And began to sing out of happiness. He tried the new melody and oh wonder! His voice was not cracked any more. His trill flowed clear, musical and full of wonderful harmonies.

Since then, Tich, the crazy, wild bird from the tree by the river, flew every day to the park, and sang the romantic song he learned on that very spot. Humans taking a walk used to stop to listen to him.
This is not a common bird, they thought, and tried to spot him. They were looking for some rare creature and didn’t pay attention on him, perched in a branch nearby.

He looked very common. But he wasn’t. He had become a great singer. Like the man in the statue.


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    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank you

      • Jennifer Nichole Wells

        Of course! Loved this post. Sorry I haven’t always been leaving a comment. I’ve missed so many contributions I was just trying to get them all reblogged 🙂

        • Olga Brajnović

          I can imagine how much work you have with your site. Your topic generator is just great. Congrats. Thank you again for your encouragement.

  1. angloswiss

    Loved it and can imagine Titch singing the duet from the Pearl fishers (which is actually the only aria I know from the opera) and hope he found another bird to sing along with him.

    • Olga Brajnović

      The duet is the most famous part of the opera, and I’m sure Tich found another zany bird to sing along with him. But I was thinking in the aria “Je cross entendre encore” for tenor. A delicate barcarole.


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