Scary Final

My sister is a nurse and she has been in charge of the client care in her hospital, so she had to solve all the patients’ complaints against the doctors, nurses, the meal services and so on. She had a small office in the entrance hall with a wooden door, always open, inviting the people to go inside to tell their stories. Inside, there was just the space for a desk and two chairs for the visitors.

Once, she was working normally, when a bad-looking man, very angry , entered and closed the door behind him violently. He was complaining because a doctor had said he would not going to make him a procedure scheduled . My sister began to ask questions and realised that the doctor couldn’t make the procedure because the patient did not come fasting. He had eaten profusely before arrive to the hospital despite the instructions he had from the doctors. The man was yelling and saying that the doctors didn’t want to take care of him because he was poor and that he would not leave the hospital without the procedure done, no matter what. My sister thought that the security guard who was in the hall would come because of the loud and violent reaction of that big man. But nothing of the like. She was alone before the danger. When my sister tried to explain him why was impossible to do the procedure that morning, that was a technical reason and not a discrimination issue, the man turned more and more angry.

Suddenly, he stood up, latched the door, brandished a knife and began to yell: “I’ll kill you”. My sister’s only defence was her desk between them. But he began to go around the table towards her, and she started running circling the table, several times followed by the armed man, until she saw the opportunity to stop, unlatch the door open it and go out. She felt in the arms of a police officer who had arrived alerted by the security guard.

Three police officers reduced and arrested the assailant. Apparently he was an “old acquaintance” for them. They were looking for him and considered him as dangerous. They asked my sister to go with them to explain what happened. She had no choice.

But when she got into the officer’s car, she saw in dismay that the detainee was inside. Handcuffed, of course, and guarded by a policeman, but still defiant. During the trip to the police station, he said to my sister that he was the head of a clan and they would not leave things that way: “You should watch your back since now on.”

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    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      It was. She was pretty traumatised


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