Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.

Recently? My nights are busy and eventful without leaving home. Since my mom had a brain stroke my nights out  had finished. I’ve learned lately a lot about how to handle a paralysed body properly without breaking my back in the process. I know how often you have to push to change the body posture to  avoid bedsores, and the way to do it, and lots of other tasks of a nightly caregiver.

Meanwhile I can hear how youngsters are having fun outside. Music, laughs, loud voices almost every night. Before it was just during the weekend. But now, the spree begins on Thursday. That day the bars and taverns have special prices for the youngsters in drinks and what here we call “pinchos” (Tapas) to eat, very typical. People go out at night till late from bar to bar  in our neighbourhood Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.  Sundays are more quiet.

The city council organised a campaign calling people to don’t shout at night because the neighbours can’t sleep. But it’s useless. The ruckus continue.  I’m lucky because my mom is pretty deaf and she sleeps like a baby, despite the noise, when she’s feeling good.

One night, last summer a friend invited me to go out Saturday night.  We went to one of the busiest streets to a bar called “Le Guillotine”, where they serve delicious cheese toasts with different ingredients, wine or beer. The local is an antique printing-house turned in a bar. Interesting. But there was so many people, that the street was full of youngsters sitting in the ground, eating, and drinking and shouting over the loud music coming out from several bars. It was difficult to reach our destination.

Once there, everything OK. The food and the drinks, marvellous, as my friend had promised. But I felt a little claustrophobic in the middle of so many people, immersed in so loud noise. When we finished, the street was really packed. We had to walk carefully not to step on some foot or hand trying to find a way to get out of there. Finally we found a street quieter and I felt better. I think I’m getting old for that kind of sprees.

Saturday Night

2 thoughts on “Saturday night

  1. angloswiss says:

    I understand completely. One of the things I now dislike are crowds, they make me nervous. We golden oldies have to enjoy what we can. Sorry to hear about your mum. A heavy task for you and am glad to are coping better now although you are probybly not getting such a good rest at night.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      i’ve found help for the nights lately and now it’s a lot easier.


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