Color your World – Macaroni and Cheese – The giant and the pacifiers

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Here, in Pamplona, the Giants are a very important part of our renowned fiesta of San Fermin. (Not everything goes around the bulls and the famous run). Every morning the Giants go out to dance in the streets. They are enormous hollow figures with a wooden structure. Inside, covered by the costume of the figure, there is a man who walks and dances. It’s difficult to do so because the giants are tall and heavy and is tricky to keep the balance. They represent the queens and kings of the continents and were made in the XIX century. When they go out, thousands of kids and grown ups enjoy the parade and the music, and the dance in the streets.


There is a tradition, and it is that the little kids that are trying to quit their pacifiers, promise to do so by giving their pacifier to one of the giants during the fiesta. So every day you can see parents talking to their kids and how every giant finally collects a lot of pacifiers, like the one of the picture.

I chose these pictures I took last summer because I think the costume of the Giant and some of the pacifiers have today’s color.

Color Your World – Macaroni and Cheese


  1. tgeriatrix

    Good to know there is more than the bulls’ run!

    • Olga Brajnović

      There is much more. Fiesta all day. I love the procession with the statue of San Fermin, the Giants, the popular dances, the street music….


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