Snowflakes were dropping slowly on my street when I was going to go out yesterday. It had been a frantic morning. I felt stressed and nervous.  My heart was pounding fast, but when I saw the snowflakes dancing in the air, and listened the sudden silence on the street only broken by the kids giggles, my mood changed instantly. I calmed down. I think I smiled. What’s the secret of the fresh snow? Why are snowflakes dropping so relaxing? Even later, when I was struggling to keep my balance on the slippery streets, I continued smiling. I was enjoying the view of my city transformed in a tale town by the snowy white blanket. My stressful day had turned in a pleasant evening.


2 thoughts on “Dropping Slow

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      Yes! But the weather is crazy. Today we had again a sunny day and tomorrow we expect rain.


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