When I was a student, long time ago, I worked for a year in the reception desk of my dorm and had to handle the incoming phone calls. There were no such things as cell phones, so my job was to search and find the student who had got a call and pass her the right line. Once, my dad phoned me. I automatically put him on hold and I began to look for me in the building! I only realized what I was doing when someone answered to the line of the floor where I had my room, and I began to ask: have you seen Olga…? That was me asking for myself! I had totally misplaced myself. When I finally answered to the call of my dad, he asked me what had happened. Why had he been on hold for so long. I told him the story of my incredible distraction and we had a good laugh


4 thoughts on “Misplaced

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      I’m glad you laughed like we laughed back then.


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