Yesterday morning, the wind opened violently a window, and the curtain swept everything  that was on the table. A vase with flowers, two photos, a bottle with soda and a glass. Sharp pieces of glass were everywhere,  the pictures ruined by the water, papers soaked, the floor sticky because of the spilling soda… a total chaos.

Later, the fruit rack collapsed and I had quite a situation in the kitchen, with the oranges,  apples, apricots and peaches rolling on the floor.

Finally, when I was transferring  my mom from her bed to her wheelchair, the brakes failed and she fell down to the floor. We were alone. She got between the bed and the wheelchair. I had managed to grab her with all my strength to avoid a hard hit, but she was in an impossible position and I had no strength to lift her up. So I had to go to ask for help to my neighbours. Luckily, I found at home the two sons of my neighbour Julia, who are like two towers. They came immediately, lifted up my mom, and placed her in her wheelchair. Thank God, other than some pain in her legs from being too much time on the floor, she was OK. But… what a day!

What do you think?

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