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I live in a very lively neighbourhood, in the middle of the old quarter of Pamplona . My home is at the square of St Francis where we have a public school a public library, shops, bars and restaurants. During the week we have the constant noise of kids playing in a small park prepare for them and going in and out of school.

During the weekend the city council gives permission to anybody to organize events in the square, from some Christian sects that sing with loudspeakers, with no mercy for the neighbours, in front to a nonexistent audience; to a mobile rock band with electrics guitars, drums and all, with their artists disguised with colourful wigs, red, yellow, purple…From a procession of traditional ( and deafening) drums, to a street band.

There are people who perform in the street without any permission, but nobody cares.

There is a shop that sells and repairs electric guitars and when some artist come they sometimes organize impromptu performances at the door of the commerce. People gather around, occupying the road, and if there is a car coming they simply open a corridor to let it pass, and then regroup to keep listening.

Sometimes is the same city council who organizes the events like the medieval fair , with artisans, shops, and shows of falconry There is no room for boredom.

From the square there is a nice view of the fireworks with their lights and colours. I Love them, but my cat doesn’t like at all the loud percussive sounds and disappears when the fireworks begin, to hide into a closet.

The real problem is the night. Lots of night life, no chance of having a good sleep during the weekends

Other than that, my neighbourhood is really nice and funny and I enjoy it a lot


  1. Covert Novelist

    It sounds like a lively upbeat area in which to live, if percussive. I’m torn by the description of the impromptu fun and the desire to sleep 🙂

    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank you. It’s really a fun place to live and everything flows so naturally…

      • Covert Novelist

        Imagine not leaving your home, listening to hopefully great music. mmm although I confess I do love my sleep too haha

  2. Solveig Hansen

    Sounds like a lovely place to live, noisy, but full of life. A lot of stories to write about, I imagine.

    • Olga Brajnović

      Yes, it’s a good source of ideas

  3. Rupali

    Oops I thought Pamplona is situated in India 😀
    Nice post.

    • Olga Brajnović

      I would like to visit India some day

      • Rupali

        to get more flavour of lovely neighbourhood 😀


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