I’m living inland and I ‘m permanently longing for the ocean with its open horizon, its salty smell, its breeze, The sound of its waves…

I belong to a family with several centuries of history of marine tradition. We have lots of ship’s captains among our ancestors. But my father pursued other goals, in the field of literature and journalism, and besides he had to exile from his country In eastern Europe many years ago, persecuted by the communists. So we ended settled in a city far away from the sea in a new country.

Nevertheless, the call for the open horizons is in my blood and I return to the coast whenever I can, to enjoy that unique atmosphere, watch the ships, sail, and swim, and breath the clean air at the shore while the waves wet my feet.

The picture has been taken in Bermeo, Bizkaia (Spain)
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7 thoughts on “By the sea

  1. GeorgieMoon says:

    I hope you achieve you dream and get to spend time by the sea. I’m going to make you jealous and tell you that I live on a boat in Greece and spend a lot of time floating around the islands….. I’ve just posted some photos for this photo challenge about Sailing in Greece!


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