I’m trying to reach a milestone in my life by writing a book, something I have never done before.

I had already written a chapter in a collective book about Europe between two Revolutions (1917-1989) when I was a teacher at the University and many articles for the books of the year issued by my newspaper when I was a reporter. But I have never tried something by myself, like this one.

I have begun with lots of energy, and great expectations, The story was flowing nicely and the structure of the chapters I had made was working well. But little by little, my project has began to get a little complicated and now I’m in a sort of crisis of inspiration.

I’m about to go to Croatia for a month, where I’m going to visit, among other places, some of the scenarios where the story of my book takes place. I hope this would help me to return to the focusing I have almost lost and take back my inspiration.

I’m really excited with this trip and I’m sure it will help me in many ways, not only with the book.

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10 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. pleonasm says:

    Can you give some tipps on how to start writing a book?
    I have thought about it for a long time. And I have different ideas but not really THE ONE idea that will make it to a book. Where did you get your inspiration?
    I just don’t know how to start.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      I’m not good for advice since this is my first book. I have gotten my inspiration in the life of my parents. They lived an amazing love story during WWII. I first thought about what I wanted to tell, then I thought in a basic structure of chapters to tell the story, searched and got documentation, and I began to write not from the begining but from the chapter I liked more, just to have a good start and it worked. The inspiration came. When you begin, one thing brings to the next. The story takes life. It demands more of you. You need more research, more documentation, more resources to feed the inspiration. There are ups and downs but it’s worth it. I don’t know if this can help you.

      1. pleonasm says:

        It does help. Thank you very much :). I don’t know what I’m gonna wirte yet… but I will try to. Thank you for replying!

  2. abeginner7 says:

    i had begun to scribble out words for my first write and kind of lost track after a while. im searching for an inspiration to continue writing. good luck on your trip


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