A photo a Week Challenge: In the neighborhood

by | Nov 9, 2019 | our life, photography

I live in Pamplona, a European city, in the middle of the old quarter. Very different than a suburb. Here everything is close. the houses are one next to the other and the green spaces are in parks around us. It’s a great place to live because everything is close. The school is at two minutes from my house. We have several squares with little caffés and restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the traditional “Pintxos” or tapas with wine or beer. The city hall is at five minutes, walking distance. And the post office at eight minutes. I go to a nice gym with a swimming pool every two days also walking. Besides, the place is really nice. And when it’s time for the famous Fiesta of San Fermín, all the principal events occur in my neighborhood. It’s a lot of fun.

My square
some elderly men in the square of the castle enjoying the sun
The park nearest to my home

A photo a Week Challenge: In the Neighbourhood


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