A tiny Island in the Croatian Adriatic See

The views of the Adriatic Sea in my homeland of Croatia fill my soul with peace. The blue water, the islands, and the fresh breeze are a solace for my mind. Maybe it’s because in my veins runs the blood of sea wolfs who have been my ancestors for centuries.
We have heard incredible stories about travels and shipwrecks, dangerous adventures, and treasures. There are old portraits of ancient captains who had our surname, with their ships.
But now, I’m in a foreign land, forced to live far from the waves and the vessels. Despite that, I never have stopped feeling the call of the sea. It’s too deep inside me. And when I come back to its shores, I feel at home.

An inviting boat in Senj (Croatia)

Sunday Stills: Peace

4 thoughts on “Peace by the sea

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt says:

    Hi Olga, thanks for sharing your post and images for Sunday Stills and welcome! You are so right about the sea and the peace it brings, with the views, the sounds and scents! I love how your theme scrolls through the post with that beautiful background!


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