Christmas Chimney

My Nativity Scene in the chimney

Here in Spain, the tradition says that the Magi are the ones who bring the presents to the kids in Epiphany, January 6th. But that is too late, and the stores want to sell soon. So little by little Santa is also coming for Christmas day. In the end, most kids have gifts both days. They are fortunate.

We don’t have the tradition that Santa enter our houses through the chimney, because few houses have them.

I have one chimney in my living room, only we are not expecting Santa, but the Magi.

We have another tradition: to build a Nativity scene at home during Christmas and get together around it to sing carols, Christmas songs, tell stories and pray.

Since the historic nativity scene took place in a cave, I thought that the chimney would represent a cavern very well. So I built there my nativity scene with the Virgin, St. Joseph, the Baby Jesus, the shepherds, and the Magi. It’s in the picture that goes with this entry.

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