hold your breath

Over here in Spain, the excitement of Christmas is coming in the next days to one of its highest peaks. The children are expecting with anxiety the arrival of the three Magi loaded with gifts for them.

They have written their letters with their wishes and there are heralds clothed with the mos fantastic oriental outfits riding dromedaries going thru the streets of the city to pick up the kids’ messages.

January 5th at night the Magi arrive at our city with a big parade, thru one of the doors of the old walls where there is a drawbridge. Because is already dark, the bridge is raised and no one can enter the city.

The place is full of kids and their parents waiting to see what happens

Then the herald of the Magi with a trumpet calls for the guards and asks them to lower the bridge because they have a very important mission in the city that very night. The guards say no way. The kids begin to yell: Open the door, open the door!

And the herald reclaims the presence of the mayor to decide.

The mayor asks what is that mission they have so late at night. Then they say that is to bring gifts to the children and go to adore the King of Israel.

So the mayor orders to low the drawbridge and let them pass. Everybody cheers and claps and follows the parade that goes through the streets of the city

When the parade finishes the kids go home to try to sleep that magical night and wait for the morning to discover if the Magi had come and left the gifts they wished.

So no time to breath yet. We will have to wait till January 7th

This morning I had my living room full of kids singing carols and talking about the Magi and what they were expecting to receive. Laughters, anticipation, sparkling eyes, and joy.

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