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It was Sunday morning, sunny and warm. I was in the hospital, taking care of my dad. He was terminal. 

I turned on the TV. They were broadcasting a concert of the three tenors. 

Pavarotti began to sing a Napolitano song. I heard from the bed the weak voice of my father telling:

  • I know that song

And he began to sing softly:

  • Non ti scordar di me 
  • La vita mia e legata a te 

Don’t you forget me

My life is tied to you 

I love you more and more

In my dreams, you stay

Don’t you forget me

My life is tied to you

There is always a nest 

in my heart for you

Don’t you forget me

He sang the song for me just three days before he died. It was his last song. 

Of course, I wasn’t going to forget him. His smile, his entire life, and his soft voice that Sunday morning singing to me will stay in my soul forever.  



  1. Librarylady

    This is such a tender story and a fond memory. You were lucky to have that time with your dad before he passed, and thank you for sharing it. I just spent a week in the hospital with my Mom after heart her heart surgery, and know how difficult that is. It’s too bad Pavarotti is gone, wouldn’t he like to know about this.

    • Olga Brajnović

      I’m sure. That moment is a treasure I keep very close to my heart very vividly.


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