Frank and Lucy had decided to begin a new life together.

She had found a job at the Institute of Fine Arts of New York University and had gone already there.

He was not so lucky. No job waiting for him up to the north.

Besides, Frank needed to leave his office as a partner at the family lawyers firm in Tallahassee to reunite with her and stay far from his oppressive relatives.

His parents counted on him as the heir of the family business. But he was madly in love. And one day went to the bank, took all his savings, and head up to the north.

Lucy took the call from Frank and was taken by surprise -I’ll arrive at JFK at noon.

-Come by train to Grand Central Station. We can meet there at two p.m. She said rather matter of factly.

-I can’t wait to see you, Lucy, said Frank detecting lack of emotion in her fiancée

-Me too, honey.

Frank had to wait at the stylish train Terminal of Manhattan with his heavy luggage for a while until Lucy showed up.

She saw him first but said nothing. He was looking around when he spotted her and wawed enthusiastically with both arms.

-Lucy, here! Then his heart dropped to the ground. Lucy wasn’t alone. A man was by his side.

-Frank, so nice of you to come to see me. This is Douglas, He will help you with your luggage. Douglas works with me at the University. We married last week.

Frank didn’t know how to react. He stayed silent and finally shook the hand that Doug was offering him. Lucy said in a casual tone

-Let’s grab a taxi and find a hotel for you

-No, said Frank, I would rather stay here at the terminal alone for a while.

-Don’t be silly

-No. leave me alone, I’ll find my way without you

Looking at the big pieces of baggage Frank had brought and his expression, Doug understood the embarrassing situation and said:

-Lucy, leave him.


Doug slipped a visit card in the hand of the distressed Frank and left with his wife Frank stayed sitting in one of his pieces of baggage for a long time, like hypnotized looking at the people rushing around him.

When the clock of the station marked 6 p.m., he began to move and look for a taxi to start his New York adventure by himself without the love of his life.


4 thoughts on “for love

  1. Fandango says:

    What a sad tale. But Frank should have spoken with Lucy about his plans to leave everything behind to join her before he actually took action.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      Yeah, You’re right. But I assumed they had agreed to met in New York to live together and that he would come as soon as he could. And I needed something dramatic to happen at the terminal.

      1. Fandango says:

        Yes, but if she got married to another man a week earlier, you’d think she would have let Frank know before he went to New York. But yes, it was dramatic. And it looks like Frank is going to stay in New York and try to make the best of it.

        1. Olga Brajnović says:

          I portrayed a very frivolous and selfish Lucy and a too romantic Frank who thought that she would be faithful to her previous engagement with him. She cheated on him as soon she met the other guy. The inconsistence of my story is that nowadays being engaged Frank and Lucy didn’t stay in touch constantly by phone, messages or email.


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