Sunday stills: early

I’m a night owl, so I rarely have pictures of the early hours of the day, but in my walks around my house, I have noticed that there are signs in some trees and plants of an early Spring. The sunny days must have confused them. Although the temperatures are low.

Narcissus blossoming
early buds in a tree
The same tree two days after.

Sunday Stills: early

2 thoughts on “Sunday stills: early

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt says:

    Once those trees bloom those blossoms really pop quickly especially if the sun is out! Lovely images!! We are already seeing daffies here, too! A month early!

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      It’s true, the weather is playing games with the flowers. I only hope there will not come back the winter mood and ruin everything


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