Our globe is sick, we are all sick with it, but many of us didn’t realize till now that its sickness has attacked us directly so brutally.

Confined in our houses we can see how the pollution of our big cities goes down, the air is cleanest, and the sky is clear, but we cannot enjoy it because we cannot get out of our homes. And if we did, we would begin to pollute again and ruin everything.

Our blue planet is beautiful. It has many treasures we have to preserve for our children. Oceans, forests, mountains, lakes, wildlife, wonders of nature so beautiful that it’s impossible to describe.

There are also wonderful pieces of art made by humans with a passion for beauty.

I have enjoyed many of those places and listen to music that made me smile and feel lucky to be alive.

When this quarantine finishes, I’m going to value much more a grasp of fresh air, a humble flower, the shadow of a tree, the rumor of the waves at the shore of the Ocean.

Meanwhile, when I stare at the globe I have in my room, I will not think about the graphics the news is showing us with all the countries tinted in red because of the spread of the coronavirus. I will imagine our blue planet and think about all the great things I have seen in my life around the beautiful world we have. Our home. And I promise once more to take care of it with all my love.


3 thoughts on “Globe

  1. Fandango says:

    “And I promise once more to take care of it with all my love.” That is a promise every one of us should make.


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