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We are in the middle of a tremendous global crisis, and many of us are suffering more than we should because incompetents govern us. In the case of Spain, they want to take political advantage of the crisis while all the people are secluded in their homes.

We have a government that doesn’t know the meaning of truth. We, the people, are blind before what is going on. Our only eyes are the media. Recently the Government has instructed a force of security to take as a priority investigate and act against the propagation of negative news about them, the Government.

Now that there are so many vital necessities, like the security of the cities, the reinforcements of the provisional hospitals, the disinfection of the buses, trains, and streets, the attention of nursing homes and people in isolated places, and I don’t know what more actions they can do. They are losing precious time searching on the internet and the traditional media pictures and headlines the Government doesn’t like to penalize the reporters

The truth is that our Government have purchased tones of sanitary material from China and spend millions in a company not certified, that send useless masks, and tests that are not working. So we don’t know who is infected or who isn’t. We know that they have banned pictures of the funeral homes in Madrid because it was a bad image of the deadly situation in the city. The press conferences of the president of the Government and his aids are pathetic. Vague sentences about how well they are doing (we are the worst country in Europe after Italy although we have one of the best health systems of the Continent) and constant extensions of the time of quarantine.

I realize this situation is new for everybody, and all are making mistakes. Still, at least I think we who are following the instructions of staying home, avoiding unnecessary contact with our neighbors, keeping social distancing and everything else, deserve open information about what our Administrations is doing and how. Many of us are losing a lot of money because of our forced inactivity.

Because of ideology reasons, the authorities don’t want to count on private resources, ready and well prepared, that had offered their innovative help multiple times to conduct tests and treat patients. They want to say that everything has done with public resources because they are socialists and communists and are against private institutions. And all the offers of help are getting lost in a maze of bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, people are dying, and we are secluded in our homes, feeling completely useless.

I want someone in charge to tell me candidly what the situation is and what they are going to do. I know it is challenging an unexpected crisis. I don’t blame the Government for the pandemic. I blame them for the way they have handled it. I have not to hope anymore for the truth because I have heard too many lies.

I only expect that when all this pass, because it will pass sooner or later, those in charge now pay in votes this disaster.

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  1. Librarylady

    This is scary. There is always the specter of the government not being perfectly honest with its citizens, especially at times like this. It makes you realize how precarious our democratic system really is. I think the people fo Spain understand this more than most. This was an interesting post, an eye-opener. Stay safe.

    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank you for your concern. They are using a formula calle state of alarm (not state of sanitary alarm but complete alarm) that limits our liberties a lot. Just yesterday they had decided to prolong that situation till the end of may. I don’t know how will end this but is pretty hard because private initiatives (small shops and private offices or ordinances) can’t work, are closed and the Government is still collecting the money of their special taxes each month. They are broken.


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