The compensation of going out

Last Sunday at 11 a.m. was the first time in 50 days that I was able to leave my home to take a walk and feel the fresh air (through a mask). We went to a field of cereals on the outskirts of town. There was all bright green in this time of spring. The weather was warm and sunny and, from that point, we could see a landscape of distant blue mountains. It was a relief and compensation to contemplate an open Horizonte after so many time confined in the four walls of my flat.


I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures that day. I did it yesterday, when I used the half an hour I have according to the rules of our authorities, to take a walk to go to the park next to my home. The flowers are blooming, and everything is as it used to be.

Since Iy was 8 p.m. (we are allowed to go out in different hours depending on our age), I caught the chickens and roosters that live in mini zoo situated in the moat of the citadel walls, getting ready to sleep. And I didn’t know that they sleep perched in pretty high bushes. It was a new sight for me to see branches full of these farm birds. I always have seen them on the ground and considered incapable of flight to reach the place they choose to rest that night. Never is late to learn something new.

chickens and roosters perched in branches to sleep
Detail of the sleeping quarters

FOWC: Compensate

2 thoughts on “The compensation of going out

  1. angloswiss says:

    And I am so glad for you and that you are OK under the circumstances. We have had lock down but can go shopping and avoid too close a contact with people, distance must be kept at 2 meters. We still have our problems in Switzerland, but the hospitals have enough room and the cases are reducing quickly. It must have been a wonderful feeling to be able to enjoy the fresh outside air again.

    1. Olga Brajnović says:

      Thanks, Pat. It was really great being able to go out and experience a bit of liberty. Thank God we are all well and safe in my family. Even my sister Lijerka who is a nurse and is working in the first line with patients infected with Covid19 in a big hospital. She is exhausted but is healthy. Her husband is a doctor in another hospital and also has been taking care of those patients and he is also well. Spain has been hit pretty hard. And the measures had been equally hard. The problem is that now that the Central Government has all the powers thanks to a “state of alarm” that limits our liberties, they are very comfortable without opposition and are reluctant to return the power back to the local and autonomic governments, and we are worried about the future.


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