Pensive during the quarantine

by | Jun 20, 2020 | challenges, our life

Quarantine. We have many things for granted that can disappear in a snap because of something so small, like a life-threatening virus. Isn’t something to think about?

Our world changed in a matter of days, and we had no other choice but to accepted that new way of life while we were watching how thousands of people got sick and died in crowed hospitals with exhausted doctors and nurses. They were getting themselves sick from being in the front line of the fight against the Covid19.

My family and I are part of the lucky ones who have been healthy until now. We have observed all the precautions we have been told to do, and they have worked.

When I was pensive, I realized that one can survive with a few essential things: In my case, the love of my family, my faith, and not so much material things than I used to have in ordinary life—just the essential. What I missed were my friends. Not be able to meet with them in real life was hard.

When one faces the possibility of a deadly illness, all the material achievements and richness lose their value, and you only can count on love. Without love, you are lost.

#FOWC: Pensive


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