Looking at the politics and the media

There is no such thing as a blind justice system, at least where I live. We have a Counsel of Judicial Power elected by the political parties easily manipulable, and a constitutional court also politicized. So the separation of powers doesn’t exist as it should be.

In the lower courts, things can be more independent, but there you also can find judges associated with professional unions too politicized.

We now have trials with popular juries. But we don’t have the tradition and the experience of the States in this field. Not all the crimes go to those kinds of trials. Most of the cases have had over exposition in the media. The accused have been already condemned or absolved by de TV shows or other media, and the people the juries tend to follow the general opinion no matter what.

I have been working for decades as a reporter on trials, and have seen almost everything. People obviously guilty of a crime getting free, and people innocent sent to prison despite all the pieces of evidence that proved innocence. I would say that, when significant cases come to her, Lady Justice has an eye glancing at the politicians and the other at the media.

(In answer at the Fandango’s provocative question: Do you believe, with respect to the judicial system (or systems) in place where you live, that justice is, indeed, blind? Why do you feel that way?)

Fandango’s Provocative question #77

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