Raining outside and inside

These days I have watched some new musicals. I was stunned (for good) with Hamilton and its mix of hip hop, rap and pop, and the bold idea of telling in that innovative way the history of the founding fathers of the States. I learned many things I didn’t know, and I enjoyed the show a lot.

Then I began to watch more classical musicals and began to search for “The Music Man” and “My Fair Lady.” It is not so easy to find them in English here in Spain, and I don’t want to watch the doubled versions. In one of the most knowns scenes of “My Fair Lady,” Rex Harrison, as Profesor Higgins teaches Elisa Dolittle (Audrey Hepburn in the movie) to pronounce proper English with the phrase: “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.”

But the rain in Spain falls mainly in mountainous places like mine. We have had hot temperatures during the day in July but usually with severe thunderstorms in the evening or night with a lot of rain. Which is nice, because we have fresh air in the morning before the hot hits again at noon.

I like the smell of the ground when it rains and how everything appears to be clean and just washed.

Last month I went to Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim Museum of contemporary art. Outside was raining. Inside, one of the exhibitions was a wall, several stories high illuminated in blue with letters forming messages in red lines going up and down like a rain of fire inside the building.

The words falling by Jenny Holzer

In the featured image the entrance of the Museum in a rainy day

FOWC: rain

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  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    I watch musicals basically every year. Living in Charlotte means we get tours- which Blumenthal Performing Arts hosts. Right now in the middle of the pandemic, all I can see are live streamings and musical movies


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