Mom’s intriguing stories

My mom was very realistic and practical in everything. She was not a person easily fooled by stories of paranormal events. But she told me three intriguing stories:

She had a tough life. Persecuted by the communists in Yugoslavia in the forties and fifties and forcefully separated from her husband for twelve long years. One day, she was in Croatia with a friend who said she could read the fortune from the coffee grounds. The system was simple: drink a cup of Turkish coffee, which leaves a lot of grounds, then put the cup upside down. After that, turn it again and watch the drawings into the cup. My mom’s friend read the cup that day and told her that my father was at that moment with a Chinese man. She didn’t believe her because she knew that my dad was in a European Country where there were very odd chances to find Chinese people. And indeed, in the next letter, my father told her he had met that very day a Chinese guy.

The other extraordinary thing she told me happened when my grandmother died. She had a son exiled in America named Viktor. At the exact moment her mother died he was sleeping because for him it was in the middle of the night. Well, he wakes up weeping and in distress telling his wife: “something had happened to my mother.” The next day the telegram arrived, and when they saw the hour when she passed away, he realized it was precisely when he had abruptly get his sleep interrupted.

A. few months after my grandmother died, my mom had a dream: her mother was waiting for her at home with the passport and the visa she needed to see my dad again. The next morning she was summited to the secret police headquarters. She thought she was going to be arrested as had happened several times before. But to her surprise, the chief officer was friendly, opened a drawer, and gave her the documents that set her free.

I don’t know if these events were paranormal or not, but I know for sure that they were absolutely true.

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