Cee’s fun foto challenge: commercial buildings or stores

This is the biggest store in our city. The building is pretty ugly, but What can we do?
Zara, the clothing store, moved recently to this historic building in the center of the city
The entrance to the Zara store
This building, from 1910, was originally a luxury hotel. Now hosts a library
A colourful and antique store in Pamplona’s old city
This one in a modernist style is also in the old city
This store has kept the old style of the façade but has a very modern style inside
I love this Pharmacy, in a corner close to the city hall. It’s 140 years old. It has on its façade a valuable image of Our Lady
This is probably the oldest store of the city, in a medieval building. It sells fabrics.

Cee’s fun foto challenge: Commercial buildings or stores

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