The discover of zoom

This year my mom would reach her 100 birthday, but she passed away three years ago. We had plans to celebrate her centenary with a great family reunion to remember her, but the Coronavirus ruined everything.

Nobody could travel from their homes in Poland, Croatia, and different cities in Spain to attend the so carefully prepared meeting.

But by then, we all had discovered zoom to hold meetings with our friends or coworkers during the confinement, so we decided to meet online, and it was great. We could see our faces and talk make jokes, even watch a short video I prepared about mom with pictures about her life with us. We had a great time together, each one from their corner of Europe. My older niece even told us that she is planning to get married soon.

We decided to hold more meetings like that one during this pandemic to celebrate birthdays and keep in touch.

It was refreshing to have the opportunity to see my family, so disperse around Europe. I was delighted.

I spend much time online, mainly reading news and researching. I like to communicate with people around the world, so I wouldn’t feel isolated in a small community like the one where I live. But I’m not very savvy in social nets. I get lost easily on twitter and Instagram. My blog my way of talking to the world through my faithful followers.

In the featured picture a screenshot of my desktop

What do you think?

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