The extraneous document

by | Sep 23, 2020 | challenges, Journalism, Memories

The attorney’s desk was full of legal documents about the case I was investigating as a reporter. It was a corruption scandal involving the president of my region an many other politicians.

He was representing one of the plaintiffs.

He dismissed as extraneous for the case the new document he had received from the judge at a plain view in his desk. But I can read backward, and I realized that its value for my work was immense.

So I asked him for a photocopy, he gave it to me immediately.

It was an order to interrogate as a suspect to an immune person, lifting the immunity, about some secret accounts in Switzerland. This person only could be one: the sitting president. It was the first time that a judge called him a suspect in a criminal case.

So I returned to my newsroom with a big exclusive. Another journalist corroborated the info with the judicial police. We talk with the president, and he resigned that night.

It was an intense day in which an supposedly extraneous document became a trigger of a government crisis.

It was also a little bitter for me because the other journalist, who was my boss’ favorite, took all the credit of the information and its consequences. I, who had brought the exclusive who triggered everything, was never mentioned.

Things of life!

FOWC: Extraneous


  1. Mister Bump UK

    I suspect every government has incriminating evidence if people knew where to look.

    • Olga Brajnović

      Power is like a sickness that corrupts everything. Some individuals maintain their conscience clean with great effort, but the temptations are too many

  2. Fandango

    At least your president resigned upon disclosure of his misdeeds. Our current American president has no shame and would never resign.

    • Olga Brajnović

      I guess so. Let’s see what happens with the elections.


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