Fit in the Pandemic

by | Oct 11, 2020 | challenges, our life, photography

Three trees in Olza, Navarre, Spain

The pandemic has changed my habits. I used to swim to stay fit, but the swimming pool was closed for three months during the confinement. Now it is open, but I’m afraid to go because of the possible virus’s transmission in the locker room, the showers, and other places. I went once, and I didn’t like what I saw.

I have some limitations to walk. I need a crutch because I have a lack of balance problems. Nonetheless, I use to go with my friends to hike. Well, they go hike, and I stay behind, taking a slow walk and shooting with my camera here and there to capture images of nature or views of typical houses of small villages. I like those outings and being by myself with my camera.

I have found an app with workouts I can do in my room on the floor in segments of 7 minutes. Those exercises are my replacement for swimming. But I don’t enjoy them so much as doing laps in the water.

Despite exercising less than before the Pandemic, I have loose weight, and now my winter clothes don’t quite fit me.

In the featured picture, a view of an ancient bridge in Navarre, Spain. I took this picture during one of my outings with my friends.



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