State of alarm

by | Oct 25, 2020 | challenges, our life

Our Premier announced today a state of alarm in all the Country except the Canary Islands. He plans to maintain the restrictive measures until the 9th of May, 2021.

He needs the vote of Congress to prolong so much the measure.

We can’t move from one city to another, and we have a mandatory curfew from 11 pm to 6 am. We are afraid to be confined at home again.

I think it is too much time for an exceptional measure limiting our liberties and damaging the economy.
Maybe the Government has information we don’t know about the danger of this second wave of the pandemic. But they didn’t share it with us. We can’t predict how it will evolve during the next months.
I want to hear from scientists, not only from the politicians.

Our Government said it had a committee of experts advising them when all this began, and when we emerged of the confinement, we learned that the committee had no members.

We are alarmed, tired, and scared for the future.

They allege that people are not responsible enough for social distancing and wearing masks, above all youngsters who organize massive parties with lots of alcohol in the streets. Besides, the health system is blocked with hospitals crowded, UCIs already full, and the doctors and nurses exhausted.

But I see that ordinary people are careful. Everybody is wearing masks, keeping the distance, trying to go on with their lives, and keeping open their small businesses. We are all paying because the authorities cannot control those unruled youngsters and failed to get ready with personnel and equipment for this second wave that was coming.

I have a sister who is a nurse and a brother in law who is a doctor. Both are sick with coronavirus. Both got infected while helping patients. My sister says that the only way to stop the spreading of the virus is isolation.

OK. Let’s try to do it. But it’s necessary a state of alarm so long, like if we were at war?

I don’t know. I’m surprised and worried.

FOWC: Allegation


  1. Mister Bump UK

    I think you’re right, the thing we (the public) need is data, I am having similar trouble finding things out here. Agencies whose job it is to provide information seem adept only at suppressing it.

    • Olga Brajnović

      You’re right. Over here most of the media are too dependent of the power and they are keeping us in the dark

  2. Alice DeForest

    Maybe, just maybe if enough healthy people get it and with the help of a vaccine we’ll get out this mess.

    • Olga Brajnović

      This is a theory I’m reading about but I’m not very convinced about healthy people getting the virus.This virus leaves serious side effects in the health for ever .


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