Pertinent questions

I watched the interview that Lesley Stahl did with President Donald Trump for the program 60 minutes. Yes, the famous interview he abruptly cut short angry because he get tired that her questions were not as he would like.

I’m a journalist, and I think she asked politely entirely pertinent questions prompted by the country’s situation under Trump’s administration, handling the pandemic crisis, and other matters of relevance.

Trump seemed angry for having to answer tough questions. Guess What, Mr. President, you have enormous responsibilities and tough questions comes with the job. Walking away from an interview like that is not very smart.


4 thoughts on “Pertinent questions

  1. Mister Bump UK says:

    I didn’t see this one but there was an interview by a South African(?) guy a few months ago. When defending his record on Corona, the interviewer asked Trump to name one place which had done worse than the USA. His response? “The World”. I fell off my seat I laughed so hard.
    But ultimately, I think people decided long ago. I can’t imagine an interview this close will make anybody change their mind about him. If somebody happens to support him, it is just the media ganging up on him. The US has lost its objectivity.

      1. Mister Bump UK says:

        It is kinda scary because we no longer seem to see one side talking to the other. It wouldn’t surprise me if it ended in another civil war. When I read about 1920-1930 Spain I see similarities in the way their politics doesn’t function. Doom and gloom for first thing in the morning!


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