In shock

In Answer to a Fandango’s Provocative question: What do you think about what happened in the United States yesterdayAre you shocked or surprised at the outcome, if it’s even known as you read this? Or are the results of the election what you expected? And finally, are you happy or unhappy?

When Trump appeared last night proclaiming victory, even when he knew he was way behind in the popular vote and the electoral college vote, I couldn’t believe what was witnessing. I never thought I would see such impudence and contempt for democracy in my life in a man who is the United States president.
It was the attitude of a populist or a dictator who doesn’t care about the votes. Each vote counts in a democracy. Suggesting to halt the counting was criminal. I’m writing this when it’s not clear who will win.
Trump has shown his worst face. He lies to his people, has no respect for the office he ostents, and has deeply divided the country. I don’t understand why there are so many people following him enthusiastically.
I’m worried for you and for a Country I love. I would like to see a fair and peaceful outcome.

FPQ 94

What do you think?

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