On the screen (fiction)

by | Nov 10, 2020 | challenges, Family, fiction

We are often alone.

Our children looked for a new life in the big city. They got married, and we have ten grandchildren. The youngest is just ten months old. But he was born in the middle of this pandemic, so we haven’t had the chance to see him, because in our country we cannot travel from one city to another. We have photos and videos of the baby that my son is continually sending us, but it’s not the same.

I want to feel him, touch him, hold him, caress him, and kiss him. But I can’t.

My brothers and sisters are living in different cities and countries. Only one of my sisters is here. She came last Sunday with her computer and organized a zoom meeting with the whole family. From Warsaw to Zagreb, Barcelona or Madrid, we did it.

My sister put on the big screen my grandchildren to follow the baby’s movements and interact with him.

A landslide of emotions caught us. My husband and I were almost in tears.

We had a great time together despite the distance.

FOWC: Landslide


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