Be cautious with your privacy

Years ago, I went on vacation to a remote town on the Cantabrian coast. I wanted to disappear for a while. I was a journalist, and I had been reporting on issues related to terrorism and urban guerrillas for a long time. I was tired of the pressure in which I lived.

The same day I arrived at the rural house where I hoped to rest and forget everything about work, the building’s phone rang, and they asked for me. I had told nobody I was there. I answered puzzled and heard the voice of a terrorist’s lawyer who asked me some silly questions. I wasn’t a fool. I knew that what he was doing was making clear that no matter how I tried to leave without telling anyone my whereabouts, they will learn how to find me.

But they were not the Internet. They had their network of informants to do that kind of job.

I have always been cautious with my privacy on the net because it guarantees real security.

The more they know about you, the more vulnerable you are if somebody wants to go after you.

In answer to Fandango’s Provocative Question: Which is more important to you, privacy or security? How much privacy are you willing to give up for security?


In the picture, the Cantabric sea.

What do you think?

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