Weird arrest

a blurry image of the demonstrators and the concrete trap.

I went to the courthouse like every day, to report about a trial, when I found a demonstration blocking the entrance.

A group of youngsters protested against the mandatory military service. Nothing unusual.

But that particular day, they had brought a large concrete cylinder with a hole in the middle and put it at the door. Four guys stuck an arm inside the hole, two from each side of the cylinder, holding their hands in the middle, and chaining them. Then they retrieved the key of the lock and tossed it into the sewer.

When de police arrived to clear the building entrance, they found a big problem. There was no way to move the guys glued to the heavy concrete mass. There was no room in the hole to manipulate the tools to reach the chain and cut it. So The only way was to break the piece of concrete. But it wasn’t easy to do without hurting the demonstrators.

They covered them with thick plastics to avoid cuts from fragments, but all four complained that the drill was hurting them.

Meanwhile, people were gathering to see what was happening. The captain of the police squad had no patience for all that. He decided to arrest the four guys right away for disrupt the public order and violate the freedom of movements of the courthouse employees. Then, he called a truck with a crane, loaded the demonstrators with the piece of concrete and all, and took them to the police headquarters.

Four hours later, a team of workers finally freed without wounds the guys from the concrete trap they had made for themselves.

They made news in all the networks and newspapers, but I can say by their faces that they were very scared when they realized the risk they took because it had been so difficult to free them.



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