An ugly wound

by | Nov 16, 2020 | challenges, Journalism

Donald Trump is giving a master class of how to endanger the world’s oldest democracy by not admitting he has lost the election and doing everything he can to mobilize his unconditional followers into a fight against reality using plain lies.

I can’t understand why Republican leaders or representatives don’t raise their voices against this aberration. Are they so controlled by the man occupying the White House that they can’t speak out?

I can’t believe all of them are under the spell of Trump. Because anyone with a brain can see that his days as a president are counted. And that his end is going to be ugly. What do they gain from being on his side?

The whole world (except the countries ruled by dictators) is watching in disbelieve his actions and his inability to lose. They had to use indirect channels to congratulate Biden because the Secretary of state doesn’t recognize his victory.

Republican representatives who still supporting Trump are probably afraid of their voters. They are many (more than 70 million) and enthusiastic; some of them may be fanatic. The politicians they elected had been too much time silent while Trump was lying to his people and ignoring democracy. They are now afraid of the monster under whose shadow they have lived the last four years very comfortably.

Trump continues making changes in his administration as if he would stay in power four more years, adding confusion to this crazy situation.

Biden and Harris will have to take power without a trace of normal transition in the middle of a great crisis and with the Country bitterly divided. I have seen the curve of the COVID cases in the US, which is not a curve; it is a vertical line going up. I have listened on TV to the MAGA demonstrators in Washington, DC, and they are really convinced of what Trump is saying. Each day Trump insists on his lies about the election and refuses to concede, is deepening an already ugly wound in the heart of that great Country I love.

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