Do you long for me, my love?

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The following is a quote of my dad’s diaries when he was separated from my mom because of the IIWW and the posterior persecution of the communists. The separation lasted twelve years.

Every moment I accompany you, Ana. In silence, I contemplate what you do and what you think. Do you remember those mornings when we woke up in fear that death would interrupt our happiness? Do you remember those beautiful mornings when we indulged in our joie de vivre and forgot everything that existed except us and our joy? Do you remember those mornings when crushed by the human that is in us, we went out to seek peace in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and strong we looked into the eyes of death that at any moment could visit us?

And when you gave birth to our little girl, our mornings began to have a unique charm and beauty. Next to us was our sweet daughter. My happiness grew to extremes that I cannot describe because it is too painful.

How many memories are related to each day, to each moment of the day! And I, who have never been able to boast about my good memory, remember every moment, our entire history. And all my pain turns into a wish: to see you again. To live together again.

Do you long for me, my love?

Great is the ordeal sent to us, but our love is stronger than any trial. He will win and give us – God willing – life.

When my dad wrote this he couldn’t imagine that he would be so many years far away of the love of his life. But their story had a happy ending. My mom said to me once that when they reunited after so many years, both of them could stare at each other eyes without a single thing to hide, but with a glance full of love. They fulfilled 56 years of marriage until my dad died. They were faithful in times of violence, in times of persecution, in times of exile, and in times of peace.

FOWC: Fidelity


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