Running for his life

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He was jogging in the evening listening to music with his earphones when something hit him hard on the head from behind. He woke up in an empty room with a concrete floor, lit by a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. White sheets covered the walls. He couldn’t see where the door was or if there were windows.

-Hello? Is it somebody out there? Why am I here?

Somebody had kidnapped him, but why? He had no money nor his family. Mitch was a young math teacher in a primary school, barely in his third year of experience at his job. He was an amateur athlete and loved to run marathons. He could also run fast races, but he wasn’t making any money with his sports hobbies.

He got up and began carefully to feel the sheets that covered the walls. They were like a tent inside the room. He had claustrophobia and began to sweat profusely.

Suddenly, a light shined, letting him see the silhouette of a door and the shadow of a man. The shadow slipped under the sheet a pot with food and turned around.

Wait!, pleaded Mitch. Who are you? What do you want of me?

The man on the other side said nothing and shut the door.

With the pot, there was a wooden spoon. Mitch used it for ripping the fabric and getting to work on the door lock. After half an hour, and with the help of the pot’s handle, he opened the door.

There was another white room covered with white sheets. But this one wasn’t empty. It was an operating room pretty old with all the instruments ready, waiting for the surgeon, the team…, and the patient.

Mitch saw a chart with his name and all his health data and the words “subject ready for extraction.”

He panicked. He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the fabric that covered an open door. It communicated to another operating room. This one with clean walls and very modern equipment also ready for the team and the patient.

He took the chart:

G. M.: Heart Transplant.

Now Mitch knew he had to run for his life. He tried another door and found a guard in black fatigues, almost asleep on a chair. There were a hall and another door, a big one. Probably the exit of that scary place.

He stabbed the guard with the scissors and ran for the door. People began to follow him. He opened the door and continued running while he heard voices yelling:

-Don’t let him go

-Don’t shoot him in the chest! Hit him at the legs!

He began to run in a zig-zag pattern to avoid the shots.

It was dark, and he didn’t know if he was in an open space or a garden with fences.

He ran faster and faster. He was good at that. Suddenly he heard traffic noise and saw lights of cars in the distance. There were blue and red lights: the police were near.

In dismay, he heard at the same time dogs behind him and saw a fence in front of him. he jumped to get to the other side of the wall. One of the dogs reached him, but he only could keep as a souvenir Mitch’s left sneaker.

A police team and an ambulance were at the site of a car accident right on the other side of the fence. Mitch said to the officer what had happened to him. In the beginning, the officer was somehow skeptical, but he called for instructions from his superiors. Then told him that they were investigating a net of trafficking with human organs, but they didn’t have pieces of evidence. They instructed to protect Mitch as a critical witness and secure the house’s perimeter until the special forces would arrive.

And this is how Mitch helped solve a high profile case of people who paid millions to get healthy organs no matter if that meant to kill the donor.


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