Spying from the window

-Roger, did you see the guy on the third floor? He is writing again on his board. I wonder what it is he doing, ¿maybe a private investigator solving a crime?
-Magda, stop spying on our neighbors and imagining strange things. Don’t you have anything better to do? Maybe it is a student solving some problem.
-But he has been working in that board for weeks
-Good for him
-Don’t you find it suspicious?
-Look. Why would that guy be going something suspicious at the sight of all the neighborhood?
-All right, all right. But it would be exciting that something unusual happens around us. This place is so dull!
-That’s why we’re here—a safe and non eventful place to live without fears. Come, let’s watch some TV.
-Wait! There is movement.
-Another pin on his board?
-No. Strangers in the apartment.
Roger approached the window and peered out. Three men were talking with the guy in the apartment on the third floor. They were also looking through the window in their direction. Roger immediately hid behind the curtain.
-What are you doing?
-Nothing. Where are they?
-They are leaving the apartment. You are scaring me.
-Just tell me what you see, said Roger while going to the tiny room without windows he called his “office.”
-They are crossing the street towards our building, she said, four of them.
-Listen to me!
-Oh my God! Exclaimed Magda at the sight of her husband holding a gun and a large duffel bag.
-You are going to stay here. You don’t know where they can find me. You’ll be safe. I’m sorry to put you through this. I love you.
-Who are you? I have been married to you for fifteen years, and I don’t know you.
-I’m a spy. That’s all you have to know. See you, my love.
And he disappeared through a hidden door under the sink of the kitchen at the same time Magda heard the ring of the door.
-Is Mathew Summer here?
-No. He doesn’t live here
-There is a man in the house?
-My husband is not here
-We have a search warrant.
Magda, who was always spying on his neighbors, wishing to find something exciting in their lives, found herself in the middle of a real spy game. A very bizarre one that only had begun.

FFFC: 96

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