Natty’s Christmas star

by | Dec 28, 2020 | challenges, Family, fiction

-Where is Daddy?

Natty’s Mom looked at her big green eyes, trying to find the right words.

-He had to go on a long trip, very far away.

-But he always has been home for Christmas, and this year he missed it.

-He sent you a card, remember?

-I asked Santa to bring him home, but he didn’t listen to me,! she protested

-Sometimes Santa can’t give us all our wishes, my love.

The girl became pensive and asked her mother:

-Have you two been fighting?

-Oh! my little sweety. Of course not!

-Because Susy told me that their parents began to fight and scream at each other, and one day her dad disappeared from home and never came back.

-No, Natty, no. You can’t imagine how much your dad loves us—more than anything, more than his own life.

-Why are you crying, Mom?

-Do you remember the day I went to pick you up at school in the middle of the morning?

-Dad wasn’t home already

-He had to go to the hospital

-I know, he is a doctor, and he has lots of work with that thing, the Coronavirus.

-He worked too hard and saved lots of lives. He is a hero. He was so good that God himself gave him a prize.


-Yes. A present only the best have. Come with me.

Mother and daughter approached the window and glanced out at the dark sky star-studded.

-Do you see that star? The brightest one up at the left of the top of the tree?


-That’s daddy’s star. Since yesterday, when God told him it was time to rest, he lives there, and he can see us and is very proud of us and happy.

-And he will not come down to visit us?

-Daddy can’t do that. He has to keep the star shining.

-Why can’t we be together in the star.?

-We will when the time arrives for us to go up with him.

-Why didn’t he came to kiss us and say good-bye?

-He couldn’t. We are in quarantine, remember?

-I’m going to cry

-Don’t cry, my baby, look at the star, and talk to him. You’ll feel better, said the widow with tears in his eyes while the girl leaned her head on her side and looked at the star:

-Dear Daddy, I miss you -she whispered- be happy in your star and don’t forget about me.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge 98


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