An earthquake hit my little homeland this morning. So far, six people dead and some more unaccounted for, many wounded and great destruction. The earth hasn’t stop trembling since last March when another earthquake hit the capital, Zagreb.

Back then, in the middle of the Coronavirus quarantine, the Country had two contradictory crisis: people were supposed to stay at home and keep the social distance. But many houses were dangerously damaged, so the citizens had to gather in crowded shelters for their safety.

Now another blow, hardest than the previous one.

I spent all day trying to locate my family to see if everybody was ok. Thank God, all are in good shape, although some of their houses are not so well.

I was upset about some financial setbacks I had these days, and when I heard the news from Croatia, I thought how ridiculous are sometimes our worries in comparison with what other people around the world had to endure.

Today, I have a roof over my head. I can’t complain.

My problems are no longer about money but about ensure my family’s health and safety in Croatia.

FOWC: Ridiculous

2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. Irene says:

    I hope you will be able to solve your problems; my thoughts are with you, your family and all the people of Croatia.


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