I had to overcome many irrational fears during my life, some of them with a terrible story behind them, like my fear of elevators or my fear of bridges. But what scares me most of all is death.

I’m a person of faith, and I believe in a life beyond this one and believe that one has to be good to reach everlasting happiness with God. I’m afraid I’m a failure. I’ve tried to do my best, love my neighbors, avoid any kind of hatred, and don’t hurt anybody. But I can see many bad habits in me. I can’t control it no matter how much I try. Maybe it is my depression that makes me see things so dark. Or not. Maybe the whole thing is scary enough.

Anyway, I think my Lord is a Loving Father who has given me many things in my life, and I’m afraid to disappoint him for dilapidate his gifts when my time arrives.

In answer to Fandango’s Provocative Question: What do you fear the most?

Author: Olga Brajnović

Journalist and writer. I've worked for 26 years in a newspaper in Spain. I worked for two years as a stringer and correspondent in the US and went as a special envoy to other places like the Balkans. Author of a biography. Sea lover. Avid reader. Classic Music enthusiast.

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