Blind as a mole

by | Feb 28, 2021 | bad luck, Health, our life

Three weeks ago I lost my glasses. Because they fog up with the mask that I wear as protection against the coronavirus, when I go out, I take them off, put them in their holster, and then into my bag. Last 4th of February, when I arrived home, I took the cover out of my bag, and it was empty. I looked for them everywhere. I undid my way, asked in every place I had been, without success. I even went to look for them at the lost property office of the city.

Since then, I’m almost as blind as a mole.

I’m trying to survive with the pharmacy’s reading glasses, but everything not close enough appears blurry, and I get tired soon because I have several dioptries more in my left eye than in my right eye.

Ordering new glasses with progressive lenses requires a considerable budget. I don’t have the money. In an optician, they asked me for almost 900 euros. But in the end, I have had no choice but to order the glasses because I don’t see anything, my head hurts all the time, and I’m very dizzy. I have found an optician that makes them for 450 euros and lets me pay in installments.

If all goes well, on Thursday, I will have the new glasses and will be able to write regularly again.

I feel lucky to live in these years when my sight problem has a solution because, without my glasses, I’m a total wreck. I would be unable to do anything

In the picture, how blurry I see now a quilt with a pattern of flowers I have in my room.


  1. Mister Bump UK

    When the new ones arrive, stick a tracking device to then! Seriously, I have Bluetooth trackers on lots of valuables life wallet, although some glasses would be fiddlly. I suppose you could put one in the case but that’s not what went wrong this time.
    Oh and lastly, they’re not on your head, are they? 🤣

    • Olga Brajnović

      Not, they are not. I checked first thing because one time, I lost the glasses that actually happened to me. 🙃 I didn’t know you can put a tracker in your glasses. I’ll take. your advice. Thanks.

      • Mister Bump UK

        My “devices” have a little Bluetooth thing on it which will work at short distances, the phone uses GPS, so I can track that globally. I don’t know if some trackers can combine the two. But I see you can get tiny trackers to attatch to your pet’s collar, even, now, so you can see where it has been.

      • Mister Bump UK She herself has had an interesting life – you remember all the grief in the Balkans? She was a journo there. And her father tried to be a journo under the Fascists and later the Communists, and fell foul of both.
        She is based in Spain now but lived in the US for years.
        It’s just that we tend to live very humdrum lives now and it feels like she has actually been involved in history – even if sometimes she tells us about how she lost her glasses 🤣


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