The old lady at the cabin

She was laughing from the door of her cabin when we saw her.

-Have a good day! We said as we passed by.

But she only giggled more openly and went back inside her dark and tiny home.

We shrugged our shoulders and continued our way thru the forest.

-Why does she seem so funny? asked Tom

-Maybe because she doesn’t see many people around here, I answered.

-But she didn’t even say hello.

-Forget her, let’s go on with our hike.

We kept walking towards the slopes of the mountain we have planned to climb.

There was a clearing and a beautiful roe deer grazing in it. We didn’t want to disturb it. But suddenly, a gunshot scared it off.

-Hunters, I said.

-Shit! Exclaimed Tom

The bullet had landed at his feet.

Another gunshot.

This time hit at my side.

-That was way too close!

-This guy doesn’t want the deer: he wants us! said Tom scared.

I began to yell:

-Hey there! What do you want? We are just two peaceful hikers.

-You are trespassing private property!

-Who says so?

-Martin Walker. My wife sent me a WhatsApp from the cabin when you crossed into our land.

Flash Fiction Challenge for the Purposeful Practitioner 18

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