Danger at the beach

by | May 12, 2021 | challenges, fiction

-Are you keeping an eye on the kids? Said Marjorie, rolling to her side on her towel and looking at her husband.

-Yeah, answered him, distracted.

-Because you seem too focused on your book.

-Shh! I’m trying to read here.

-Precisely is what I’m telling you. If something happens to our children, you’ll not notice. Besides, who brings newspapers and paper books to the beach anymore? Look at them; they are all ruined because of the humidity and the sun. Remember the ebook I gave you?

-Could you let me read in peace? I’m in the middle of a twist in the plot of this thriller.

-Oh, Tom, you should be like that man and spend your time with Tommy and Claire like he is doing playing with the kids. He seems the Hamelin’s flutist. Look how much fun they are having


-Where are you going?

Tom had started to run towards the man, yelling:

-You bastard! Get away from my kids!

He grabbed the man and punched him, to the embarrassment of his wife.

-Tom, let him go! What’s the matter with you?

-Call the police! He is a kidnapper! I just saw his picture in the newspaper!

FFCftPP: week 19


    • Olga Brajnović

      Thank you, Susan I wanted to bring some action to the peaceful image


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