-You all know that my husband died a year ago. I was able to keep going forward, take care of my children, and avoid getting crazy, thanks to this job and, above all, to your help, said Martha. You have been there for me, and I don’t know what would become of me without you, guys.

-This is what the friends are for, answered Bob.

-Now is my turn to do you a big favor, continued Martha.

-No! Not you! A choir of voices raised up in the room filled with the coworkers of her office.

-We have to vote first! said a young woman

-But vote about what? we all agree in this point, said a man with a suit an a tie.

-We must stay together in this! is the only way out! exclaimed another man.

-Look, we don’t have much time, said Martha. The CEO will not change his mind. He was adamant: One of us has to go, or he will close our branch. You guys had been great with me. Now is my turn. I’ll leave my job and be happy knowing the rest of you will stay.

Somebody opened the door of the room. A very nervous man sweating and with a forced smile entered. It was Mitch, the director of the branch.

-The time is out, he said. Don’t worry, guys, I volunteered to leave. I was going to retire soon anyway. I proposed to promote Martha as director. You’ll be OK.

FFFC: 120

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