April’s party

by | Jun 2, 2021 | challenges, fiction

April was excited. She was going to Gwen’s birthday party! It was the first invitation since her family had moved to her new city. She felt she was beginning to be a part of the gang at school again.

She had chosen a gift for her new friend carefully: a book she liked a lot: “The Old Man and the Sea.” On her way to Gwen’s house, she bought five yellow balloons to make her entrance more festive. It was raining.

She knocked at the door. Gwen opened smiling.
-What are you doing here? she said.
-You invited me.
-I never thought you could take it seriously.
-I brought you a gift, a book.
-A book? Are you crazy? Who on earth brings books nowadays?
-It’s a masterpiece; I thought you would like it.
-Go away! You are not going to ruin my party with your boring ideas!
April took a step back sadly. She wandered thru the park and sat on a bench crying. She didn’t know how much time passed until her father found her.
-Come home, sweety, you don’t deserve these silly girls as friends. We will find a place where you’ll be happy. I promise you.

FFCftPP: week 22


  1. Shweta Suresh

    April deserves better friends. My heart goes out to her. Great take!


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